86. measure twice, cut once

The title of this post is something that my dad would always tell me to do when making any decision.  It comes from the world of carpentry and it basically means that you should always think twice before cutting your wood, because you can’t add any back once you make the cut.

This simple saying can relate to almost every life decision.  It is always important to look at all sides of a decision before making one.  It is always important to learn as much as you can about everything before choosing one or the other.  In this case, I need to decide between 31st Street Harbor in Chicago and the Hammond Marina in Hammond, IN.

I’ve been looking into all sides of the decision and today I am actually going to visit each spot.  I’ll learn what I want out of a harbor.  I’m leaning towards 31st Street, but we will see which one suits my needs the best.



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