81. why not now…

Time is a really weird thing.  Sometimes we have too much of it, sometimes not enough.  Time is a really interesting thing to think about when it comes to physics and mathematics, but for now, I’ll just focus on time from a very broad philosophical perspective.

Time can cause us to be late to a meeting, or we can catch ourselves waiting for hours on end because we really need/want something.  We are always waiting for that next thing to happen to us, and when it does, we often catch ourselves waiting fro the next event to unfold.

For me, I am waiting on my next opportunity.  I’m waiting on the day that I get up our of this rut that I’m in and begin down a path with many uncertainties and risks.  I know this sounds crazy to most people, but I’m going to take a risk that probably shouldn’t be considered, and I’m going to do something that not many people think of doing.  I plan on taking 5-6 months (maybe more) to explore and live very frugally.  I’m waiting for that perfect time, when my finances, life, and personal issues are all aligned to where I can afford to do something like that.

I’m not a 9-5 kind of guy, and I struggle sitting here every day trying to find value in the work that I’m doing.  I like creating value and I like seeing progress, but not for the hourly rate that I’m currently at.  I mean the money is nice, but there comes a point where you need to see past that and realize that life is much more important than an hourly wage (unless you absolutely need the money to live).

I’m learning more about loans and creating a living in financial vehicles other than a steady, bi-weekly paycheck.  I’m learning so that one day I can get out of this position and become free, both personally and financially.



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